It had been one of those days… yet another of those days!

Her head was too heavy, her thoughts far too noisy as she pushed the door open to her apartment, heaving a sigh of relief as the bolt locked behind her and she leaned back against the still support of the door.

She could still hear the hum of the rush-hour traffic in the street below, but here in her calm place she felt sure that nobody could intrude, unless she wanted them to.

Her cat was already weaving itself between her ankles, its ‘welcome home’ dance performed in an ever-varying figure of eight. She smiled down at him and his eyes met hers, a moment of silent before he started to complain loudly at her. “Oh I know, I know… you are starrrrrrving, I suppose? Let me get changed, and I will feed you.”

It was then as she stepped away from the door that she was aware of the shutters moving in the windows across the street from her. She rolled her eyes. Did he not realise she could see him always watching? Normally she wouldn’t let it bother her, but today had really been too much for her patience to allow her to overlook it.

She looked down at the cat “If you can possibly wait a few moments for your food, perhaps I can dissuade our watcher! She strode from the shadows and stood in full view, the city lights casting a dull glow in the room. She turned on the standard lamp and smirked slightly.

She turned and slid the zipper down on her dress, easing the straps slowly over her shoulders and bending forwards to allow it to slide slowly over her body, smiling as it whooshed down her smooth legs. The cat immediately walked round and around the pooled fabric as she stepped from it. The cat ceased its complaining, momentarily distracted by the warmth of the discarded dress, choosing to settle down and get comfortable.

Her attention was still taken by the opposite windows, even though she did not give them her direct gaze. The evening air moved over her newly-exposed flesh, certain parts of her body encased in the finest black lace. It was then that she slowly made her way to the sofa, kneeling up on the firm cushions. and wriggling her shoulders a little to relax them. Leaning her hands backwards she ran a fingertip along one of the silver heels of her shoes, tilting her body so that her poorly hidden observer might see.

She then turned the full force of her gaze across the street. Enough of the glow from the lights illuminated his room that she might see where he sat watching. Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him and for a moment nothing moved. All of a sudden the shutters slammed shut and she grinned. “Yeah… too much of a show was it?” she chuckled to herself.

“Oh well. Time for tea!” she said to the cat, and got up from the sofa to go and proceed with the evening.


Shoes: Gos, Emma Strap Pumps, available at Uber from today

Lingerie: Gos, Diana Set

Pose: Gingerfish Dirty Pretty

Skybox: AF Paris Loft Skybox

Sofa: Apple Fall Fulwood Sofa

Cushion: ChicModa Decor // Accent Pillow // Hello Gorgeous
Plant: {vespertine}- birds of paradise palm.

Small Table: ..::THOR::.. – Low Table

On table: not so bad . PARIS . macarons . v2
06.erratic / lsm – table lamp – white
[ keke ] champagne glass – flute pink RARE

Armchair musings…



One thing which I spend a lot of time doing in SL… is.. thinking.

This should come as no surprise as so often the results of this are the ramblings in this blog.

My time in SL has always been my space of calm. Well… that’s what I have needed it to be, and for the most part that’s what it’s been for me. I am now well on the way through my eleventh year in SL, and over those years my little SL haven has been a real crutch for me.

There are times when my daily life is so hectic. Periods of those 11 years have been filled with trauma, stress and illness, but it’s that slice of the day when my time is truly my own, and I can lose myself in the somewhat-self-controlled environment of SL that I can finally stop and breeeeathe!

Yes it’s true to say that over those years I have witnessed much stress and drama in my SL too. Those times have been hard, but have taught me so much about myself and all were lessons worth learning.

Hmm… how to steer this to where I wanted to go when I started out on this? Haha! See what happens when I think?

With all that in my background, I spent some time talking with friends this week… something else I love to do on both sides of the screen! It occurred to me during conversation that whatever bad things we go through in life, no matter what negative situations we find ourselves in, or however many people we need to walk away from, somehow we always seem to run into those we truly fit with.

How amazing it is to have a conversation with someone, even if you are new into a friendship, but find that you are both of the same opinion on various things ?

I really do think we find our ‘tribe’ in life… not so much those we choose to spend time with, but those we truly belong with. These are the people who encourage us… those who inspire and applaud when we reach success, but equally the same ones who stop and create time to listen when that is what we need.

I think the best tribe is one where you don’t even have to spend all your time together to simply know in your heart that they are there. It’s in the quiet times of armchair-thinking at the end of the day that you can really see, and appreciate the blessings in life that true friends are! ♥


Hair: MAGIKA, Lotus

Shirt: BLUEBERRY, Leah

Shorts: BLUEBERRY Helena.

Chair: [ kunst ] – Lounge chair

Dog in basket: O.M.E.N – Waiting for Santa Paws – Dream Pup

Heater: ..::THOR::.. Vintage Room Heater

Basket of Pillows: *AF* Retreat 08 – Pillow Basket

Posters on wall: floorplan. oceanliner print
Kalopsia – Poster – London

Wooden Sign: 22769 – Wood Sign – COMMON

Shadow being cast from *AF* Tea Party 06 – Hanging Hearts