Hold Tight To Your Calmness!

I am one of those intensely annoying optimists. Even when everything seems to be going to shit, I desperately try and find some hint of silver lining. Life and the world has become truly crazy in varying shades for all of us, wherever we are… and yet… it seems to be bringing out the bestContinue reading “Hold Tight To Your Calmness!”

Breakfast, beauty and bloggers

I am one of those people completely susceptible to good blogging! chuckles My major downfall are good blogging pictures about decor and interiors. I seem powerless to resist the ideas they sell! 😉 I can’t decide if I just never grew out of the idea of decorating a doll’s house, or if I am reallyContinue reading “Breakfast, beauty and bloggers”


There’s something truly gorgeous about a beautifully-tied ribbon bow, I think. Someone with a few over-sensitive ideas about neatness, like myself, can spend a ridiculous amount of time fussing over keeping the loops of a bow equal, and making it look as pretty as it can.   I LOVE the ribbons on these shoes, butContinue reading “Attachments”