The fire has been stoked!


She marveled at how the shoe looked on her foot, turning it this way and that, admiring it. A grin spread on her face at how perfect they were for her mood tonight.

Satin ribbons hugged and bound her shapely ankles perfectly… feminine in the neatness of their bows. Although she sat to await the return of her Love, she knew the shapely heels elongated her legs perfectly… just as he liked them.

Yes, the slight studding to the front hinted that there was more than just fragile beauty to the shoes, and indeed her. The sharp spikes to the back of the shoe were perfect and sexy in their own right… shiny and dangerous, something to be both feared and admired.

She leaned back in her chair to wait for him. This was often His chair, but for tonight her fires had been stoked, and it was for Her to claim, and for him to enjoy!

These are the gorgeously sexy Barbara sandals from Gos. They are exclusive to Fameshed for August.

I got this!

I got this!.jpg

I have been deep in thought…. yet again… and as any of you who read this blog regularly will know, that can tend to lead to times of verbose rambling. I am trying to do less of that this year. I am trying to be somehow quieter, in the quest to seek… less. That may sound strange. I am not going to make myself smaller, or water myself down, but I am learning to share less with those who don’t need to know as much about me.

I feel there’s a deep strength in each of us, I know there is in me. That stronger, spirited side deserves nurturing, and I no longer believe that widely sharing of my inner thoughts and feelings does that. There are things in my life which I can solve for myself, even if in only choosing to look beyond obstacles. I have my tiny group of true friends who bolster my mood with shared fits of giggles, and inappropriate humour. I am blessed to be able to bask in close love and friendship.

What more could I ever ask for? I got this! 🙂




Boots: Gos Tamara; available now at Fameshed

Pose: Gingerfish; Gloss, available now at TLC

Background: Foxcity Starstuck Booth

Hair: Runaway, Joy

jacket: Tetra, Off the shoulder leather jacket

Trousers: Blueberry, Aria stylized pants

Wings: Lassitude & Ennui Seraphim wings, black dipped, rare gacha.