New Adventures

As Celandine walked home from the All Heart’s Ball, her mind was full as she prepared to leave Elyona. She felt such mixed emotions. She would miss the place she and Taeghen had called home for so long now, but had learned that ‘home’ was not a fixed place, it was wherever she and Taeghen … More New Adventures

Fae… hospitality

With the chill that the mornings had started to bring, it gave Celadine as much joy to bake before heading to her shop as she hoped the cakes might bring to any customers. She placed a batch on the table to cool and returned to the barley stew which had just started to bubble. Carefully … More Fae… hospitality


Celandine doesn’t speak of her past. If questioned she would ask what the purpose was in looking backwards when now is all that matters. It is something of a cover though as she chooses deliberately to turn her mind from hardships. As a youngster of the Spring Court she turned away from the traditional role … More Celandine