Chaos Into Order

His order and neatness in appearance was something which had first attracted her to him all those years ago, but over time she had discovered that even the way his belongings were neatly arranged was a reflection of the order of clear thoughts his calm head held. Where she was much too quick to let … More Chaos Into Order

Step away!

  This year has been a really hard one for me.   Then again, it seems I arrive at the end of each year on my knees, glad to wave that old year goodbye. They never seem to get any easier at all. For me, the past few months have seemed like one disaster, followed … More Step away!

Turn the page!

Ever try to read late at night, and find that all you ever do is end up re-reading the same chapter over and over… night after night and all because you started off too tired to take it all in? Ever feel like you are stuck repeating the same chapter of your life, over and … More Turn the page!

Circles of Love

I admit… that I try and avoid the news these days. I don’t manage to succeed at it though, as it seems to creep into all areas of media and life. There is so much happening which has me at best shaking my head. Too much in the world seems in turmoil, or sadness, and … More Circles of Love

Join me?

  Sit in the calm stillness of a new day… the first of a brand new month. Take a deep breath and inhale the tingling promise of days as yet un-lived. Breathe out the tiredness and sadness, the moments of desperation of times finished with. Those days are gone and you owe it to yourself … More Join me?