A Backward Glance

So much is always said about not looking backwards as we travel through life. I very much agree with the advice not to remain in a place mired in past mistakes, or the burdens placed by the words and opinions of those no longer with us as we travel. True, the focus should always be … More A Backward Glance


I do love this time of year. It cheers my heart to see the signs of spring just starting to appear. I have always loved spring… well to be honest there’s something I like in each season, but the ‘newness’ of spring, and the promise of warmer days ahead (even if they are a long … More Green

Travel On!

I freely admit that one thing which annoys me on ‘competition-based’ shows on television, is when contestants are described as having been on a journey through the weeks of it all. It irks me, because life is a journey for us all, regardless of whether lived in the public gaze for a portion of it, … More Travel On!


I have been in a mood of deep reflection for a little while now. I think part of the reason is that I am trying to make sure not one small blessing passes me by unnoticed. I don’t think this is a bad thing to add to my refocusing this year. In many ways I … More Grateful