The moon provided magical lighting for this moment, set forever, and stored away in the ever-growing collection of pictures in the story of our life, spent as tangled in thoughts and emotions, as limbs.


“Don’t step on the lines, or the monsters will come and get you!” That is what went through my mind as I looked at this picture having taken it. It set me off thinking. I have a vague recollection of walking along between my grandparents as a small girl, one hand in each of theirs, … More Monsters


I think we are each our own island in a way. It is as if each of us is given a space to fill with our own self. It is a joy to form a strong core, then add the decoration of our talents and interests… to fill that island with joy and individual light. … More Islands


She smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, twisting this way, and that. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she spoke to her reflection. “Oh yes… I am pretty sure he will appreciate the outfit.” She tugged gently at the frills which adorned the blue lingerie she had chosen especially for … More Anticipation

Your touch…

Each word travels over my skin like the searching caress of your fingers. Your warm breath’s “I love you” on my ear squeezing my heart tight, Igniting my passionate response, gasping as your lips move to my neck.   Here is my place of calm comfort. Standing in your closeness I feel invincible. Here, wrapped … More Your touch…