The moon provided magical lighting for this moment, set forever, and stored away in the ever-growing collection of pictures in the story of our life, spent as tangled in thoughts and emotions, as limbs.



“Don’t step on the lines, or the monsters will come and get you!” That is what went through my mind as I looked at this picture having taken it.

It set me off thinking. I have a vague recollection of walking along between my grandparents as a small girl, one hand in each of theirs, and as we stepped on the paving stones, that is the type of thing one of them told me. I think it was a way of turning walking into a game… to keep stepping and thinking about where to place my foot, rather than a way of scaring me. They probably said ‘bears’ rather than monsters though now I think of it. I believe that was in one of the A.A. Milne poems which were read to me when I was very young.

To date, I have managed to rise to the challenge of anything life has thrown at me. Granted, I haven’t had any bears leap out at me behind buildings though. *chuckles* Don’t we all do it though? Try at least to place our feet in the right places as we wander through life? We can’t see all the hidden traps, or predict what life has waiting around the next corner, but we can at least take one step at a time.

Oh what a surprise… I am rambling.

While I have meandered down this path, I shall indulge my mind and continue a little. I am not perfect, but this directive from the Quaker, George Fox, is very much how I try to be:

“…walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in every one”

Cheerfully is very much how I live my days. I also try to see that of God, or ‘good’ in all the people I meet. That is pretty much how I try and walk my path in life.

So now I have explained the good path that I try to tread… what of the monsters which will pounce should I stray? Well… I have come to find that none are as fierce as those which live inside myself. Too easily so much as one toe can tremble on a line, and I wobble, and a demon will rise up awoken and hungry.

Those of you who wander through the thorny thicket of my blog will be well aware of my demons, so I shall not bore you here.

What is marvelous to me, is to feel I am standing in shadows, feeling the claws of wakening demons, and then at that very moment, to find a hand reached out to me there. How wonderful it is, when I am judging myself, to find someone else showing me the good that they see in me.

We don’t always see ourselves perfectly. How can we? Our selfish perspective of ourselves is always going to be skewed! Sometimes it’s when someone tells, or shows us how they see us, from all angles, that we need to take note, and embrace that view… and them for showing it. ❤





Pose: Cultivate from Gingerfish

Hair: F603 from tram

Shirt: “Ethan” Boyfriend shirt from Giz Seorn

Trousers: Serena pants from Blueberry

Necklace: Captured Love Heart Group 1 from Maxi Gossamer

Pavilions : from LunaRosarie








I think we are each our own island in a way. It is as if each of us is given a space to fill with our own self. It is a joy to form a strong core, then add the decoration of our talents and interests… to fill that island with joy and individual light.

This time of year seems to be when we look to our own lives and see how we can improve them. For some it’s the endless diet or detox programmes. For me it’s the constant quest to simplify and reduce the stresses in my life.

I am very much of the opinion that we are not fixed islands at a safe and constant distance from others. We are rather more like floating masses. We influence those around us, and are influenced by them. Most of my stresses come second-hand from other people. That makes it more attractive to pull up the draw-bridge, build strong walls, but it is not how I should be.

Far better to take the good of me, the best of me and reach out with it to those close who matter to me. What better to do than share a smile, a lightness of moment and mood.

I know who I am. I know what are my strengths and always try to show and share them. I try to hide the bad and negative about me, even though I often fail.

I have come to the conclusion that we are here to be the very best versions of ourselves that we can be, and to then share that with the world around us.

Reach out to and encourage others. You never know when you might make a real difference to someone else, just by being yourself!










She smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, twisting this way, and that. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she spoke to her reflection. “Oh yes… I am pretty sure he will appreciate the outfit.” She tugged gently at the frills which adorned the blue lingerie she had chosen especially for his home-coming.

She crossed the room and turned out the light, raising a brow as she let her eyes adjust to the soft blue moonlight which flowed through the window and softened the outlines of the pillows and throw she had arranged. They almost seemed to glow in cosy invitation, but she was not yet finished with the scene she wished to greet her Love with as he returned home.

It took small effort to remove the cork from the perfectly chilled champagne, before she filled two glasses and set them down on the trunk which she had chosen to be her vantage point. To sit and wait there would give her a clear view of him approaching.

She was the final part of his presented gift, and she slid herself onto the seat and settled back into the cushions to await him. She shifted a little and leaned against the window frame, her warm breath causing small circles of excited cloud against the dark of the night-chilled glass.

She slid the toe of her shoe against the wood of the frame, her eyes following its point tracking along the lines of grain. Just as she had spent their time apart, part of her mind was always with him. Days had passed, events come and gone in his absence, but each had been recorded, experiences to be shared once they were back together.

She smiled… yes, there would be much to spend time talking about… eventually.



Lingerie: La Reina Ruffled Lingerie, from Valentina.

Shoes: Daria Pumps from Pure Poison

Lovebirds candle and wooden trunk: Apple Fall

Cushions: !gO! from Krakow



My wishes are like blossom

I offer the happiest and love-filled wishes to all for a wonderful Easter time.

New life is all around. Young animals are being born, the trees bursting with leaves and life. Delicate blooms adorn their branches and dance in the spring breeze, then eventually release their scented petals to cascade around, each carrying a kiss of joy and promise.

I wish you all days filled with the warmth of blessing, that each of you knows you are special, worth much and that this is a time to leave your cares behind. Place your feelings of doubt and darkness on the ground. Pile them high and use them as steps to climb to the sun where you belong!


Packing up the past.


Time… is one thing I can’t stop. It keeps moving, seemingly increasing in speed. One day I will have run out of it, but for now I try and move with it.

My past is always with me. I carry inside me the echoes of moments and words, missed opportunities and what I struggled to learn from them. With each day that passes more memories and their imprints are added. The combined weight can be crushing. The chains of error’s pattern hobble me and risk halting me completely.

One thing I always forget is that I am meant to be my own champion. I am all I truly have to rely on. I should be my best friend because I am the only person who will always be there for me. I care for others… but that doesn’t mean that it works both ways, and why should it? They didn’t ask me to care for them and it’s unfair of me to hope for… anything.

I can’t change anything about anyone except myself. I pack up my past. What I must do is be kind to myself though and realise that some things are broken and will never be repaired. I can try and be kind to myself and leave behind my mistakes and pain. Some things are luggage to travel with me, some are simply to be cut free and left. As painful as it is now, as alone as I feel, hope whispers to me that one day I will once again stand whole and worthy in my own eyes.

Your touch…

Each word travels over my skin like the searching caress of your fingers.

Your warm breath’s “I love you” on my ear squeezing my heart tight,

Igniting my passionate response, gasping as your lips move to my neck.


Here is my place of calm comfort. Standing in your closeness I feel invincible.

Here, wrapped close is where our bodies eagerly melt together in ardent flames.

Safe from life’s storms, at one and home in each other’s embracing hearts.