Thorns and duty.

It’s been a while since I brought anything from Briarhaven….. so here’s something from the continued meddlings of a fairy called Mora đŸ˜‰   Mora chuckles as she is almost hauled through The Glade, Bug pulling one hand, and Dandy the other. The fae children gabble at her about thorns and silks being torn. “Hang … More Thorns and duty.

A simple gift?

Mora’s day started like any other. She flung open the balcony doors and stepped out to greet the new day. There was a slight mist in the air, a coldness to suggest the moving of seasons. “Good morning, my friends!” She said brightly and stooped to look at the pots of flowers and plants which … More A simple gift?

Something strange in the village – A tale from Briarhaven

Mora gathered some late sunflowers from the pot outside her door. She opted to walk to the market rather than fly and pushed open the gates at the bottom of the stairs. As she tried to walk out, the gate was pushed back into her face. She pushed the gate back  harder and stepped out, … More Something strange in the village – A tale from Briarhaven

Look to the skies!

Mora sighed and slung her quiver and bow over one shoulder as she stepped onto her balcony. She walked to where her plants grew in their pots by the table outside her door. Stooping, she carefully pulled up a tendril from the ivy and coiled one around each wrist. She whispered soft words, almost tuneful … More Look to the skies!