Where she belongs? – A tale from Briarhaven.

Mora sat on the edge of the balcony around the treehouse and smiled. She closed her eyes as the pale sunlight of the winter morning reached through the leaves of the tree she now called home. A blue-tit landed beside her, its shrill chirping calling out to her. “Hello there, little one!” It was joinedContinue reading “Where she belongs? – A tale from Briarhaven.”

There is always something new to learn… even for a fairy.

Mora felt the roof tiles cold under her feet as she sat on the roof of her home, skirts tucked under her, her face turned out to sea. The plantive cry of snipe echoed around the village as it flew towards the woods. She watched it as it flew past, its loneliness shared by her.Continue reading “There is always something new to learn… even for a fairy.”

Something strange in the village – A tale from Briarhaven

Mora gathered some late sunflowers from the pot outside her door. She opted to walk to the market rather than fly and pushed open the gates at the bottom of the stairs. As she tried to walk out, the gate was pushed back into her face. She pushed the gate back  harder and stepped out,Continue reading “Something strange in the village – A tale from Briarhaven”