Sometimes a SIM has such atmosphere to it, it lets words spring forth! This was taken and written on Cherishville: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Villa%20Baldeney/183/182/26


She sat and let the hammering of the rain silence the shouting of her confused thoughts. The autumn winds carried the drops under the shelter, but she didn’t notice how the damp cold seeped into her clothing.

This was the last place she remembered feeling peace between them. Had she known it would be their last coffee, she might never have wanted to leave. He had seemed silent, but looking back, she couldn’t help wonder whether it was unease which caused it, rather than a sense of comfort between them.

Raindrops seeped through the joins in the shelter roof and chinked almost musically into her coffee, bouncing into the spoon on the saucer, causing it to rattle in harmony. For once she didn’t notice. Her coffee remained un-touched… something rare for her. It was as if both weather and scene felt her silent anguish and simply poured both sound and energy to fill the gaps of her missing words.

Switch off!


There are times when all we can do is lean back, take a deep breath… and switch off.

I don’t know if it’s just something I struggle with, or if there are those of you who share this, but it seems like life is a constant bombardment of noise, colour… and demands. I think with the way things are in the world at the moment, it all seems even more of an assault on calmness than usual.

My life has been something of a rollercoaster of late, so it’s become time for a short break. I will be away for a couple of nights… only a couple of nights, but I am really looking forward to a change of scenery, and some quality time with family. After all, my son starts uni in a few weeks, so I am cramming in time with him now, while I can 🙂

A couple of nights away is a good and happy thing. A time to sit and chat, to explore old places, and discover new. It’s much needed. Yet the feeling of excitement has reminded me how much I need to squeeze a time of ‘switching off’ into my everyday life too… or at least each week, be it drawing more, or reading more. I shouldn’t need nights away to achieve this peace… it’s just the simple things really….

It’s the quiet times of rich calmness which soothe my soul and replenish my spirit.

See you in a few days 🙂 ♥
The outfit I am wearing in this picture is Belle, by LYBRA. I am wearing the new Colene Sandals from Gos, which are exclusive to Uber at the moment. Further details are at:
Colene by Gos




Summer seems to be drawing to a close. In fact… here in the UK, there seems to be a trend for us to have glorious summer days in July, but August seems at times to feel more like Autumn.

It does make those brief glimpses of sunshine even more important though. There are still jobs to do in my garden: dead-heading plants to encourage them to bloom another time before the weather turns; tidying here and there, and they are always much nicer to do when basking in sunshine.

The garden is very busy. I have been fighting what seems like a endless battle with snails and slugs who seem determined to beat me to consuming the vegetables I am growing. I refuse to use poison on them, but had set beer traps… which were working well, until the dog decided he preferred emptying the beer… sighs..

The air is full of the honey-scent of the buddleia bushes I am growing. Most of my plants in my garden were chosen for the fact that pollinators love them. The air is busy with bees of various kinds, and other assorted insects. I didn’t even mind that one of my clumps of nasturtiums was chomped to pieces by caterpillars… I was pleased that the butterflies had been so happy there. I still had plenty of leaves to add to my salads.

For me this time of year is about surrendering to the passing of time. There’s nothing I can do to keep the days from slowly shortening. All I can do is make the most of each moment of sunshine… to store that feeling of warmth in my bones. To collect each happy memory of summer, and store it away to reflect on when the weather turns to winter, and the sun is too weak to pierce the frozen clouds which blanket with their stillness.



This outfit is ‘Nala’ from Lybra, and is available now at Fameshed. Further details can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/natzukasl/48435229736/in/dateposted/
As always, it features the gorgeous lace textures which LYBRA do so well, but for me, I love the strapped legs to the trousers, with buckle details.

I followed Grace’s suggestion and paired it with the Barbara sandals from Gos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gospel_voom/48427472907/in/photostream/

The best seat in the house


They had both dressed for the occasion… each wearing power suits, of sorts. He reclaimed his chair, and didn’t wait for her, his hand reaching quickly for her wrist and pulling her gently to his side. She grinned down at him unsurprised that her attire should provoke an instant response. Standing beside him, she did not intend to give in so easily to his… wishes. That would be far too simple.

Ah.. but his upturned face and deep eyes made her melt inside. She ran her fingers gently through his hair, and leaned to kiss his forehead. “I have missed you!” she whispered softly. That was all he needed! Her guard was dropped with words of sweetness, while her nearness and scent invaded his senses. He expertly manoeuvred her, turning her off balance, his body rewarded with the shudder as she dropped perfectly into his lap.

She gasped with surprise, then purred and wriggled slightly, the slightly rough fabric of his suit trousers abrasive to the smoothness of her naked legs. Wrapping her arms about him, she smiled. His eyes met hers, but his grin far outstretched hers. “I have missed you even more!” he whispered throatily, his hands moving over his prize and holding her close.

She moved her lips close to his ear, pressing ever closer to him, the warmth of his supporting and strong body delighting her curves. “Ah… but I have the best seat in the house!”, she proclaimed smugly.

These are the Amanda peep toe shoes from Gos, which are available now at collabor88. Further details at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gospel_voom/48487427761/in/dateposted/

The Cecilia lingerie is from Erratic, and Colm is dressed in Deadwool.