Breakfast, beauty and bloggers

I am one of those people completely susceptible to good blogging! chuckles My major downfall are good blogging pictures about decor and interiors. I seem powerless to resist the ideas they sell! 😉 I can’t decide if I just never grew out of the idea of decorating a doll’s house, or if I am reallyContinue reading “Breakfast, beauty and bloggers”

A place for fae to dream

Oh I just HAD to write something to go with this picture. I am now in my thirteenth year of being in Second Life, and I have to say that its charm and attraction never lessens for me. The main thing which draws and keeps me there is… creativity. Back in the old old olllllldenContinue reading “A place for fae to dream”

Peace and magic

Second life may well be a world of pixels, but over the 12 years that I have been an… ‘inhabitant’, it’s brought so much to me and my life. Two of the most important of those things, are the people it’s allowed me to meet, and the creative space that SL represents. Gidgy Adagio isContinue reading “Peace and magic”