The Crystal

  Mora frowned as she saw the small bundle of damp fur. Without a second thought, she fell to her knees, never noticing the creeping cold as the damp from the mud seeped into the leather of her britches. She wasn’t even sure what it was, only that its chest moved now and then with … More The Crystal


Mora walked back over the bridge, having left Minn to her ponderings. She turned towards the direction Minn had indicated and smoothed down her gown. “Well, I guess now would be a good time as any to find where my kin live.” She picked her way carefully back towards her new home, minded to walk, … More Enchanted.

A Study In Scarlet (Credit for the title goes to Mr. A. Conan Doyle.)

  Red is my favourite colour. I don’t remember how old I was when I first realised this, but it is a hue which has been chosen over others throughout my life.   It is true to say that it stands out from the crowd and is noticed. I have often combined it with others … More A Study In Scarlet (Credit for the title goes to Mr. A. Conan Doyle.)


      The faerie watched the water as it cascaded over the rocks. It’s shimmering sparkles drawing her attention as its thunderous roar made her ears twitch. Looking down, she saw a single blossom borne on the silvery surface, spinning and bobbing as it moved. “Oh… how pretty….” she thought, yet in the blink … More Time


I stand in the distance and let my eyes survey the panorama. I can only see everything from my perspective, but sometimes it’s better than where you others stand, embroiled in the sweat and tears, deafened by the clamour of the battlefield. No need to worry, my input is not needed. In times long passed, … More Resolute

‘Deva’ – Character Backstory for Tavnoc By Night.

‘Deva’ was originally born Eva into a long-established noble family in the North of England. Her Father was the second-born and entered the diplomatic Service. Both parents traveled the world before Eva was born. Once Eva came along, she spent school holidays with her parents but most of her life was spent at boarding school … More ‘Deva’ – Character Backstory for Tavnoc By Night.


So often things threaten us, either our safety or even the well-being of our hearts and minds. When this happens, what should we do? Is it better to hide, or to place our backs against something solid and prepare to battle back, to make a stand and shout “Enough!” I fight many things in life, … More Fighter!