A Place To Recharge

I think it’s a good idea to have a calm bedroom if possible. There’s something wonderful about sliding between crisp, freshly-laundered, cotton sheets which have been airing on the line on a summer’s day. After a stressful day, that feeling of relaxation and luxury can truly help ease even the toughest of times.

I said ‘if possible’ because I have to admit my RL room often gets filled with clutter. There are often piles of books on surfaces, draped clothing… and usually a few squeaky toys scattered on the ground courtesy of my dog Honey.

This bedroom furniture from Dutchie makes it really easy to create that perfect space. I love the less-than-perfect surfaces… each piece of woodwork has obviously seen many years of living, possibly handed down through the generations. The bed linen is always so pretty on a Dutchie bed. There definitely is a smooth crispness to the pillows and sheets, but a warmth to the blankets and throws. Yes, as always I allow my imagination to run riot when creating and decorating a room 🙂

Of course the true perfection in any piece of Dutchie furniture (in my opinion) is the quality of the animations! There are times you need your bed to not just be a place to… sleep.

The laptop in this picture appears as if by magic from the bed itself gasps. I do love it when items are rezzed to perfectly match such animations.

Trying to avoid screen time too late at night? No problem, the bed has you covered for a time of relaxing reading with a cuppa. Yes, you got it… the books and tea appear from the bed too!

As for what to wear to relax… I went for the gorgeous cardigan and shorts from Salt & Pepper ‘s Warm Up ballet set. It’s so much more flexible than just for ballet. The textures are so beautiful and the cardigan fastens with a cute bow! What more could you ask for?

Other decor items in these pictures came from Apple Fall and LODE. The cute whippet dog came from Foxwood.

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