As I am

…ish ♥

So, I made the decision to change my SL name from Deva to Sammie.

It’s a strange thing, but when I joined Second Life over 15 years ago, it never occurred to me to use my real name. When faced with the question of picking a name, it took me a long time to settle on one, and not once did I think to use my own. That has GOT to say something psychological, I am sure 😉

The choice of Deva as a name pulled together many ideas. There was a root in ancient British/ Celtic religion and mythology but also a link to my Indian heritage… so seemed a good fit. There was also the idea of ‘divine’ of… goddess… and for me that was pretty much as far from how I felt at that time, but something to aim towards.

For 15 plus years, there’s been this part of me ‘Deva’ who has just trundled along exploring, discovering and generally enjoying time spent in a pixellated world.

Most conversation in SL is conducted over text and the number of times Deva has been mistyped by others has been quite a lot over the years. Some are genuine mistakes, but often it’s seemed as though people try and get a reaction by using Diva. The most amusing, which was picked up by friends and then used too, was Dave. *Insert eye roll here – haha*

Last night it happened again, but I realised that… over recent months… I have stopped feeling that ‘Deva’ is me. Now that’s a hard thing to explain really… but Geoff has always called me by my RL first name and as he’s the person I have spoken to the most, my pixellated self just IS me. It made total sense to me to just change Deva and go with something of my own name. I have never been THAT secretive about my name, in fact each time my RL artwork has been on show in SL, my real signature has been on it for all to see… but now it’s all just more… obvious! 😊


Salt & Pepper : Magnolia shorts and top

Picture taken at the gorgeous Cherishville Summer

The lovely pose is from Gingerfish Poses

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