Claim your calm!

It’s always a good thing to have a project. This is something that conversations with Geoff often remind me of. He’s such a creative and inspiring soul, and always has a new idea bubbling away. I do have a very important project this year though… Me! 😊 Last year was a tough one. I do realise no year ever really seems to be simple, but last year presented a set of difficulties which forced me to re-evaluate many things as the year approached its end.

This year, things are very different and I am determined that they will remain positive!♥

A constant battle for me is to cling onto my sense of peace and not allow life to tear it from me. I am sure many of us wage this war each and every day, but each time a new year, new month… or even new weeks starts I refocus myself and race for this aim.

As a sensitive overthinker, and a worrier, it’s far too easy to allow my doubts and wobbles to shake me. Sure, on the outside I may look as though I remain calm, but inside my heart struggles. When things get really bad, I can feel myself shake and I can shrink back into silence. Holding such things inside are no good. If such feelings are allowed to, they will damage and weaken your body. I was struck with an intense difficult period last year. I can look back now from a place of happiness and acknowledge it for what it was… something which needed to be survived in order for me to feel I was joyfully living again, but back then it felt dark, and like being dragged under viscous, dark liquid… drowning and disappearing.

Those who know me, know I am a happy person. How could I not be when there is so much to marvel and smile at in every day? 😉 To live life with a happy and peaceful heart is a wonderful way to be, but something which needs to be defended. Peace and joy are there to be claimed and held fast to.

One thing I have always enjoyed in SL is decorating. Building a scene either with interior décor, or landscaping whilst lost in music on my headphones is a truly mindful and relaxing experience. My thoughts shape what I create, but also the scene can help alter my mood and thoughts. When I got the Dutchie spa set, it allowed me to imagine this scene… a space filled with the scent of essential oils, soft lighting and nothing but… peace. You can buy the set now at Fameshed

I know it is fun to fill your time in SL with socialising and noise, but there’s also much to be gained by balancing that out with times of peace. Yes, it is a place to inspire and create, but it’s also a place to pause, breathe… and smile. ♥

Here are details of other items I used to create this scene:

Dutchie Dutchie furniture (148,84,22)
Dutchie covered massage table LI: 11
Dutchie rolled towels 2 LI: 1
Dutchie spa sink with decor LI: 13

Fancy Décor Fancy Decor (155,178,23)
Fancy Decor: Solis Orchid Bowl LI: 2

Madras aka Mesh India SABLE (90,203,2701)
01 MI Kolkata Glass Pottery Decor (1 LI) LI: 1

Minimal Summer Time (185,110,3602)
MINIMAL – Saphire Skybox

Nutmeg REKA Holdings (129,124,25)
22. Nutmeg. Charming Zen Ivory Aroma Jar LI: 2

THOR Nyn (130,238,3209)
..::THOR::.. Wicker Lantern LI: 3
..::THOR::.. Carved Lantern – Mint LI: 3

Vespertine Pure Dreams (134,108,21)
{vespertine}- birds of paradise palm. LI: 4
{vespertine}- peace lily plant /texture change pot. LI: 2

Zaara [home] : Copper frangipani bowl white LI: 1

junk. old rug. turquoise. LI: 3

One thought on “Claim your calm!

  1. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles and the importance of self-care in Second Life. Your reminder to prioritize moments of peace and joy is a valuable one.


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