Morning Musings.

A new year… and too many thoughts. Ha! Yes, I am sure I ought to have been writing this a week or so ago, but sometimes my head is far too full of random thoughts for me to try and whip them into any kind of shape.

I know most people had a really tough year last year, but truly I felt kicked around at parts of mine.

The last few months of 2022 felt like I was trying to find my feet again, somehow. I know that life moves in chapters, but it almost feels as though in SL those chapters are more exaggerated, and can sweep by in an almost destructive way. I felt I had been left reeling, and was quietly finding myself again.

I had DEFINITELY become FAR TOO hermitty in SL. I think SL encourages it almost… it’s too simple to retreat to our homes and platforms when something hits hard. Thing is, I have always loved how a virtual platform like Second Life can make the world seem so much smaller. In my 15 years there I have truly enjoyed the chance to sit and learn of other places and ways of life, and share my Britishness with others! 🙂

So now a wonderful new chapter has opened itself with MUCH sunshine… and while I am glad to bask in that warmth, I am also keen to make sure I keep my path happy.

I am… REALLY bad at being selfish. Ha! When people come to me to chat about things affecting them, I often say that being kind to themselves and being gently selfish are things we should all do. Sometimes when my head is full, I am not as good at following my own advice! chuckles

So I have been looking at what makes ME truly happy. What parts of me benefit from being encouraged.

I am wordy… far too wordy. It doesn’t always help in my typed conversations with others chuckles, but when I can sit like this and simply write.. I truly enjoy it. I love the flow of jumbled ideas and thoughts which stream from me, and selfishly if I put them in words, they aren’t rattling round in my head anymore. This new year of possibilities is one I MUST write more in! I looked back over my blog and saw how over the years my rambles have got shorter and shorter… and in all honesty I miss this, so WILL be writing more 🙂

I also need to take more landscape pictures in SL. Some of you know I paint and draw on the other side of the screen, but taking pictures in SL is a continuation of that creative process for me. It brings joy.. and peace. I love to search the editors picks in the destinations guide, visit a place… soak up that feeeeeeling… and try and capture it in a picture.

It’s good to have things to aim for, and nothing’s better than goals which bring smiles, and happiness.

So here’s to us all having a much more positive, calm… and fulfilling 2023! ♥

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