Autumn Tones

She could never claim to enjoy the foggy mornings, the half-darkness and drizzly days. There was no doubt that the change in seasons did bring positives too though, the return to layered knitwear and boots was always welcome but even more than this was the chance to indulge her love of ‘cosyfying’ her home. Autumn was a time for sumptuous fabrics, for warm colours and for the gentle flicker of warm candles to light her home. Now was the time to sink into warm blankets and lose herself in a book while she indulged in warm tea.

Here are the things I used for this scene:

Dutchie Dutchie furniture (148,84,22)

Dutchie low candlestick 1 LI 3
Dutchie low candlestick 2 LI 3
Dutchie colorchange bedside table LI 2
Dutchie chinese vase river LI 1
Dutchie antique cast iron radiator LI 1
Dutchie travel clock LI 3
Dutchie decorative standing plates 1 LI 1
Dutchie colorchange gustavian dresser LI 2
Dutchie antique mirror LI 1
Dutchie books and tea 1 stack LI 3
Dutchie gustavian bed pg LI 8
Dutchie blue and green rug LI 1

8f8 Black Kite (136,102,21)

Winter Memories of Autumn – For soft landing Autumn LI 3
Storyteller’s Burrow – Garden House RARE

Apple Fall Apple Fall (43,129,30)

Plaster Mushroom LI 1
Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot – White LI 2
Single Cut Hydrangea – Blue LI 1
Baby Pomegranate Spray – Clay Pot LI 1
Autumn Sketchbook LI 1

hive Honeycomb (71,213,31)
autumnal plant . oak LI 2

Vespertine Pure Dreams (134,108,21)

fall candles selection. LI 3

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