Beauty And Calm

The world seems to spiral in its craziness. Although I can do little to dampen, or control that craziness outside, I can try and (at least) cling to calm within my four walls.

When my mind is whirring with turmoil and my spirit trampled, I can find solace surrounded by beauty and calm.

I used much gorgeousness to decorate this room.

I started with the Gustavian Bed from Dutchie . It… speaks to me. It’s so very me! In particular I love the ‘shabby’ woodwork, but also the gorgeous bed linen! With that as the central idea, it was simple to add so many other items to fit perfectly with it.

The wardrobe, dresser and bedside tables are also from Dutchie , made to complete the bedroom set. They are all more than they appear though, with a choice of wood colours, and bed linen colours too.

Other items from Dutchie in this picture are:

Blue and Green Rug
Glass of water (on bedside table)

In the ‘reading picture’ the tea, and all the books are part of the reading pose in the bed itself.

I also used:

Apple Fall:

Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace Empty (White)
Single Cut Hydrangea – Pink
Dried Poppy Stems
Blossom Wreath


Nutmeg. Decor Tray
Conjured Lamp
Dacha Bedroom Rug
Sojourn Lamp
Fall Table Decor


Hellebore [bird song] (on fireplace)


Paper Flowers (Over bed and over fire)… they are absolutely gorgeous and all parts are able to be coloured, so they fit with sooo many colour schemes!

O.M.E.N Sleepy Bengal Cat (in reading picture)

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