Float Away Amongst The Stars.

All too often things… happen.

Whether good, or bad things, the weight of them is carried on shoulders, or deep in hearts… and sometimes some kind of distance is needed to reduce the impact, and lessen the burden.

I may have lost my words a little at present, but the mindful action of building a sky in SL and assembling the items to make this picture has brought peace.

Here’s a list of the items I used:

Petrichor :

Maramoon seat out now at Shop n’Hop

Borealia Starry Aura, which sends small sparkles

Vareni Muted skin – Aeluela Shade, shown on LeLUTKA Millan head.

Petrichor and ERSCH: Nelestine outfit, with a gorgeous smattering of stars on sleeves and skirts.

{anc} : Sungold beads and cloud.

LuluB : Mars Clouds

Celeste : Nebula – of various colours.

Boudoir : Pompadour Hair

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