Seeking A Moment Of Calm

Checking The Water Temperature

SL is that calm space I try to step into at the beginning and end of the day, to grab some moments of respite from the often crazy non-pixellated world.

I have always loved that SL allows me to connect with people from all over the world, but also gives glimpses of their lives on the other side of their screen. It’s natural to send thoughts and care to those who are struggling at times, and right now Froukje Hoorenbeek is away from SL recovering from a back operation.

You may ask yourself who Froukje is, and why this should matter. Froukje is the creator behind Dutchie , and I think most of us have spent time on a piece of Dutchie furniture at some point in our SLs.

I have always had a soft spot for mid-century, or earlier items… and the furniture and decor from Dutchie have always allowed me to indulge in adding that oh-so-gorgeous Continental touch to my eclectic English SL homes.

As gorgeous as her creations are, it’s the animations in them which truly bring them to life! Froukje will be away from creating for a while as she heals, so she prepared some packs of her creations at special prices. More details can be found here! One of the packages on offer features the hot-tub, outdoor shower and sauna seen in these pictures.

Right now my life on the non-pixellated side of the screen is so busy that I am struggling to find time to even catch my breath. Luckily now and then I am able to squeeeeeeeze a coffee break into the day and dip my toe into the calmness of SL and enjoy all that brings, hoping that the water is just right to sink into!

These pictures were taken at Esoteric, a gorgeous place filled with not only wonderful and inspiring landscape, but also the most interesting items of furniture!

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