A Place To Recharge

Eva needed to disappear… to escape and find a place where she could clear her mind and focus her thoughts. Her luck was in as stood before the door of the wooden cabin she had rented down by the water. Before she had even pushed the key into the rusted lock, she allowed the calm and rhythmical sound of lapping water bring a soft smile to her face. Yes, this would very much do as a bolt-hole.

As she stepped into the cabin it was clear that it hadn’t been used for a while. She threw open the glass doors to the decking and began to sweep and clean, feeling the new life of the cabin very much reflect the new chapter in her own.

Soon the small cabin gleamed, bedecked in muted tones which bounced the shimmering light around its interior. Eva sat on a cushion on the deck and watched the boats in the distance, her heart feeling as light as her smile was bright. Truly this was a place to heal, recharge… and learn to master her new-found talents.

Water is such a wonderful thing for soothing the soul and bringing quiet. I spent a week living on a canal boat in April, and even though the weather had not yet fully warmed up, pale sunlight playing on the water surface can create such beauty.

Now the sun is here more, and the warmth can actually be felt from it, how wonderful it would be to spend the brighter days living by the water! These quaint and gorgeous Loosdrecht cottages from Dutchie are perfect for waterside living. This one fits perfectly onto a small boat-berth even. What better choice for a summertime getaway could there be? This version in white is a special edition for this summer. You can find more details about it here ♥. It’s available at a special, reduced price in the Dutchie Store now!

Here are details of the items I used to decorate this scene:

Dutchie :

Loosdrecht Cottage
Meditation Pillow
Classic Bedroom Dresser

Apple Fall:
Plantation Kitchen
Neva’s Kitchen Shelf (Old Gacha Rare)
Pembleton Cooker

Floorplan Herboristerie Planks

BAZAR Bohemian bed

Lark Chalkboard Mug Holder

Hanging Devils Ivy Plant
Heart Wall Planter (On outside of cottage)

Lucas Lameth: Whale In Clouds Sculpture (On outside of cottage)

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