Soak Up The Sun

I live in England. I know better than to waste any time of sunshine. Summer is a fleeting, moving thing over here, and one that can seemingly be over in the blink of an eye!

My childhood contained Augusts which were long, and baking hot. I am not sure if this is merely my mis-recollection of events, or if it really is yet one more of the frighteningly desperate effects of global warming, but the seasons here have truly changed.

The past five or so years have shown me that any time of sunshine from this time onwards is to be cherished, for there may not be so many days of it during the year. Sure, we may still get cold snaps between now and more traditionally warm months, and it’s not unheard of to have brief snowy times in April here, but I am not one to waste any sunshine that I can!

Even though the past few days have been busy, I have forced myself to take the time to make a cuppa and wander out into my tiny garden with it. My garden is full of spring birdsong, which makes it so easy to simply immerse myself into the moment, and feel the gentle warmth of this early-year sunshine on my face. Daffodils are opening and creating wonderful pockets of their fresh scent.

There’s a real joy so spot the plants springing back into life, which also helps me remember exactly where I planted particular plots of bulbs. Well, in my defence, I am old… and have planted a lot of them in the past couple of year chuckles

Wishing you all a good day with moments of smiling sunshine! ♥


The lovely sun lounger, parasol and table are all from
Dutchie . There is a choice of two wood colours and six cushion colours, so it compliments any decor style. As always with Dutchie, there is a full range of animations, complete with items which rezz.

The dozing dog is from Foxwood

On the table, there’s the coffee-time tray from {What’s Next} and a radio from Apple Fall.

The lovely +Half-Deer+ Mr. Frog’s Water Garden is a must for any garden or decking.

The potted Agave is from Apple Fall, and the Potted Hosta from Moss & Mink. Well… even decking deserves greenery!

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