Hiding In Nature!

So this picture could really seem to be an exercise to show how to tell when your Avatar is too short, but in reality the meadow grass and flowers were really tall… honestly!

It made me chuckle though, and was very much part of what I was feeling drawn to write about today.

I have been in Second Life for over 14 years now, and overall it has served me well. Sure, it’s brought times of negativity into my life at times, but that served as a lesson to me. We don’t have to allow everything to touch us. I am one of those people who annoyingly always seems to have to learn things the hard way though! chuckles

Now I am old on both sides of the screen, and although I have still got much to learn in life, I have also gained much wisdom over the years with regards to me and my life. SL acts as a buffer zone for me. There is so much which is wrong with the world right now… or seems to be in my eyes. For the past few years selfishness and negativity seems to be that which is shouted loudest in the media and news.

I have found that for the good of my health and sanity I need to simply have a calm place to step into. It can be losing myself in my garden, painting, reading or being dragged totally into a film…. but one place which works for me to this end and is open all… the… time… is Second Life.

‘Deva’ is built up of layers of the true me. I am absolutely at my happiest when in nature, surrounded by birdsong and beauty. Although sociable by nature, there’s also much of my personality which is hermit-like too. chuckles

There’s an expression “A Jack of all trades, but a master of none.” That’s so very me in SL too. I can build a bit, mess with pictures a bit… I am an imaginative enough writer to RP, and I enjoy dabbling with putting together looks for ‘characters’. It’s all relaxation for me, and I have learned only to do that which makes me smile.

Unlike the other side of the screen, there’s no laundry or chores to be done. I can set land security and block those who like to bring issues, or suck energy.

Too often I hear people say they are bored with SL, or that they have had a hard time there. Perhaps there is much to be said for being almost a butterfly and trying to make the very most of any time there, and to explore and find things to enjoy.

That said…. that idea carries forward to life on the other side of the screen too, huh. smiles

Wishing you all a time of peaceful happiness… and the chance to be kind to yourself and enjoy it fully! ♥

Picture taken in the middle of a meadow at
Missing Melody

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