Lazy Sunday

The chance to take just a little more time over your first cuppa.. and wait for it to revive your mind.

I always start each day with a cup of tea. Perhaps that is a British thing? Sure, I soon move to coffee, but it really is that first cup of tea which really seems to wake my brain, or at the very least give me time to even pretend to function.

Sunday morning really does allow that pace to slow down. It can really offer the chance to take a few more minutes to reflect on the week which has finished, and the new one about to commence.


Dutchie :

Velvet Tufted Sofa. As with all Dutchie items, the animations are superb! The tea cup and saucer also rezz from the sofa for this animation!
Fur Rug
Framed Vintage Poster
Antique cast iron radiator

Apple Fall:

Potted Agave Plant
Begonia Maculata Plant
Euphorbia Cactus Plant
Paris Loft Skybox

Rezz Room Husky Puppy and Chihuahua

Evani Eda shorts and top.

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