Peaceful Morning

Waking to the feeling of having slept well and soundly. Oh to smile at spring-time birdsong serenading through the open window on a breeze which carries the scent of forest and the cool tingle of anticipation at whatever the new day might bring.

Granted I live in the suburbs of a city, but albeit a tiny and historic one.Over the past week and a bit the birdsong has really stepped up, starting from the early time I usually wake. We have been being battered by storms recently, but on the calmer mornings it’s been a joy to stand at the open back door before the sun has truly got up, and see the bobbing shadow of a blackbird on the top of our hedge, singing his heart out, a song of pure joy, which has then been joined in with by others in neighbouring gardens.

Our small garden has always been a favourite haunt of robins, and whenever I am out working in it, there’s always one not too far away. The robin starts singing before I am out of bed even, but after the blackbird has finished, it’s the robin who takes over again. Yes, spring is definitely being felt, even if part of me can’t help but panic a little that it’s still too early…

There’s been enough sun to start up the solar pump and fountain in the small wildlife pond that I dug last year, and last week one of my days was totally made by seeing a male bullfinch come to it to drink. This was a bird which I knew well from books from being a child even, but had never been able to see, yet here was one in my own garden!

I am such a softy that nature revealing itself that way always brings me to tears of joy. I had to wait to be in my 40s before I actually saw kingfishers, and they brought me to tears with how tiny, beautiful and what a fast dart of vivid colour they were. One of my happy places is to stand on the shore of a particular part of Northern Scotland and watch dolphins happily playing only a few metres away.

When life is dark, worrying and threatens to trigger my anxieties, it is to these peaceful and joy-bringing simplicities that I turn. I choose to force myself to step away from negative things as much as I can, and try to refocus myself on things which bring smiles.

So… what did I use to create this scene? Well… my Linden Home is very much a ‘holiday cabin in the woods’ for Taeghen and I.

I used some of the sections from Dutchie’s new closet collection. Where it’s mainly aimed at the stylish man about SL, parts of it work well in any setting. I took the closed doubles and single, and combined them with the narrow sweatpants + shirt and narrow sweaters sections. The empty sections on the closed units I added boots from dutchie, and also an ancient pair of gacha boots decor from Kunst and Hoorenbeek. I also used an Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf and a pink, striped pair of slippers from What Next, just to add that feminine touch too. I also slid a couple of gacha decor items onto one of the shelves near the shirt -tres blah- Eclectic Collection – Makeup Bag and -David Heather-Toiletry Bag/Wearable/Black, just to make the room feel a little more lived-in.

The radiator, bedside table and trunk at the foot of the bed are all from Dutchie. The sweater hanging on the wall over it, and the rosehip branch in vase are both from Apple Fall

The bed itself is from Bazar, and the curtains at the window from Soul2Soul.

The lovely rug is from Moon-Sha, and what morning scene would be complete without a tray of coffee? The tray and the coffee by the bed are all from What Next.

Hoping this scene can inspire a little peace in your morning! ♥

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