New Adventures

As Celandine walked home from the All Heart’s Ball, her mind was full as she prepared to leave Elyona. She felt such mixed emotions. She would miss the place she and Taeghen had called home for so long now, but had learned that ‘home’ was not a fixed place, it was wherever she and Taeghen were together. She also felt excitement at what the future days would bring, and although she would miss the friends they had made, she hoped they might all meet again some day.

There was plenty of stock prepared for her store, and Buttercup the pixie had been well used to minding things when Celandine was away in the woods. Cel had left a healthy, growing strawberry plant with instructions that it be delivered to Luthien, together with a note urging her friend to wear a skirt more often, especially in pink! She chuckled at the thought of Luth’s reaction, and grumbles, then smiled with fondness for the land as she walked home. She plucked a rose from the collection she wore in her hair and whispered soft words of faeness, that each petal should carry best wishes and luck to any who found it, and with the next gust of winter air, she let the stream of petals fly high and be carried back towards Norbrook.

The fairy arrived home, smiling to be back with Taeghen again. Their belongings were packed, and the remaining furniture covered with dust sheets for whenever they would return home again. Now Celandine was ready to change back into travelling clothes as she and her beloved elf prepared to set off for adventures new.

To all in Elyona, thank you for the fun times. I do wish you all well wherever you end up, and maybe our paths will cross again one day. It’s sad to see the place go, but what happy memories were made there! ♥

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