Chaos Into Order

His order and neatness in appearance was something which had first attracted her to him all those years ago, but over time she had discovered that even the way his belongings were neatly arranged was a reflection of the order of clear thoughts his calm head held.

Where she was much too quick to let a tumble of words stream out, his opinion came slower, at a more considered and weighty pace. She would scatter belongings like confetti, considering each item of great value, but he would carefully chose and store those few things which carried more worth and meaning.

Her dressing room always reflected that last-minute rush to hastily change an outfit yet again before leaving… in the hope of creating the perfect smile on his face when he saw her. His dressing area was in direct contrast to hers, never losing its sense of order… of everything being exactly in the perfect place, its calm and stylish appearance a true reflection of this beloved man.

Except for this evening….

This evening her outfit for him had been one she had spent the entire day considering, with no need for a final change of plan.

This evening, she dared to risk spreading a little of her scarlet chaos into his order in a cloud of her perfume and in the presence of scattered rose petals. She lay them purposefully in the shape of a heart, and then in a continued trail to where she would wait to carry out her plan to bring an evening of delicious chaos into his calm order.


The Men’s Closet is a new release from Dutchie , which can be found at the mainstore. It’s… gorgeous. It’s not often that men are truly catered for in SL for lovely decor… and this ticks all the boxes for the stylish and elegant man about SL! The closet part has a choice of 6 finishes, all found by clicking.

The fur rug is also from Dutchie.

The shirt and bowtie on a hanger, is a subscriber gift from Dutchie.

The pose is one of the Poison poses from Gingerfish Poses .

The rose petal heart is from Hive, and the Lingerie from Tetra.

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