The Marina Café

The small building seemed forgotten on the edge of the deck, but the woman took the rusted key out of her pocket and approached the door “Let’s see if this really is the right one.” She put it into the lock and turned it, smiling as the door clicked. She pushed gently, then a little harder, and the door finally creaked open. A time of being exposed to the elements at the marina had left it stiff, but nothing that some cleaning and gentle sanding wouldn’t cure.

She spent the next few weeks cleaning, sanding, painting and varnishing until even the gorgeous vintage furniture shone. Her work was accompanied by the call of seagulls and the gentle lap of water against yachts and decking. Each restorative cup of coffee was taken outside to be fully enjoyed on the bench. “MMmm I hope others will find this place as peaceful as I do.” she thought.

Eventually the day came for the Marina Cafe to open. The woman had made a few simple cakes herself, but had also enlisted the help of a local patisserie which brought some of the most gorgeous looking cakes she had ever seen. She placed them all in the window so that anyone passing would be drawn inside.

Finally she tucked a pencil behind her ear and settled herself behind the counter, a warm smile for any who wandered in following the reviving scent of coffee which escaped the door to mingle with the scents of the marina.

The Marina Cafe is now open at Second Norway in SL.

The stunning furniture is all from Dutchie

I have said this before, but as gorgeous as Dutchie’s funiture is, it’s the animations which completely blow me away!

The bar itself has a wide range of animations for both male and female bartenders. It has so many animations that I was quite astounded, to be honest.

The vintage barstools contain animations for both male and females, different drinks, and sits.

The bar tables though… are so very perfect. Not only do they have assorted animations for different drinks, but there are also those to make it seem you are playing games with the person sitting with you… or even solitaire, if you are alone.

Want to try them out? Head to Dutchie or The Marina Cafe

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