Peaceful Morning

Waking to the feeling of having slept well and soundly. Oh to smile at spring-time birdsong serenading through the open window on a breeze which carries the scent of forest and the cool tingle of anticipation at whatever the new day might bring. Granted I live in the suburbs of a city, but albeit a … More Peaceful Morning

New Adventures

As Celandine walked home from the All Heart’s Ball, her mind was full as she prepared to leave Elyona. She felt such mixed emotions. She would miss the place she and Taeghen had called home for so long now, but had learned that ‘home’ was not a fixed place, it was wherever she and Taeghen … More New Adventures

Chaos Into Order

His order and neatness in appearance was something which had first attracted her to him all those years ago, but over time she had discovered that even the way his belongings were neatly arranged was a reflection of the order of clear thoughts his calm head held. Where she was much too quick to let … More Chaos Into Order

The Marina Café

The small building seemed forgotten on the edge of the deck, but the woman took the rusted key out of her pocket and approached the door “Let’s see if this really is the right one.” She put it into the lock and turned it, smiling as the door clicked. She pushed gently, then a little … More The Marina Café