Space To Write

So often I simply need to sit quietly and write. It’s often a case of too many thoughts building up in my head, and I have to put them down on paper, or type them on a screen to avoid my head seeming to burst.

I find it easiest to let the flow of words out, when in the right, calm… and inspiring place, surrounded by stimulating decor. If I let my desk and workspace become too crowded, it’s as if each item transforms into an obstacle to stop, or slow the train of creative thought.

When I am able to log into SL, this gorgeous desk from Dutchie gives me the perfect place to sit… and create. As with all Dutchie items, it has the perfect animations for purpose. The desks allows you to read, write and use the computer.


Dutchie ( )
Writing Desk
Decorative Standing Plates
Chinese Vase River
Art deco brown and blue rug

The wine, mail, coffee, books and PC all rezz from the desk itself to go with the animations.

The bookcase, and books are from Apple Fall.

The Candle Wreath hanging at the window is from Hive.

A bottle with carnations in it from LODE is on the very top of the desk in one picture.

The artwork is my own in frames from Laminak

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