Fae… hospitality

Laminak Stew, honey cakes and ale

With the chill that the mornings had started to bring, it gave Celadine as much joy to bake before heading to her shop as she hoped the cakes might bring to any customers. She placed a batch on the table to cool and returned to the barley stew which had just started to bubble. Carefully she raised it from the fire and left it where it could gently simmer away all the time she was gone. Each batch of stew was a concoction of whatever vegetables and herbs she had to hand, but they all shared a comforting and restorative effect on any who ate them.

Celandine paused before leaving her home, a bundle of warm honey cakes safely fastened in a bundle of cloth. She cast an eye over the home and smiled to see Campion the fox was still tucked into a small ball in the warmest part of her faehome. Cel had left some fruit and water in case her housemate should need a snack before she was back. Celandine did not limit her hospitality to those who could use words to speak of what ailed them. Now that the year was moving to its hardest time, Cel would offer shelter to small creatures in need.

Her years fending alone had taught the fae that not all were as resilient as her. Not all had the skills to know what made for good eating in the woods, or how to seek the most solid shelter. Just as wildlife knew her door meant they would receive help needed, she would offer that to those of the other races of the lands. Her first task each morning on arriving at her small city shop was to boil a kettle of water and set a pot of tea to brew.  If she were able to offer a moment of shelter whether with words of welcome alone, or a cup of her blended herbal teas, she would gladly offer it to all who met it with a kind heart.

Drinks from Andika – Cakes from Laminak

Credits and details:

Just as the virtual world of Second Life gives the perfect place to visualist and immerse in the worlds of fantasy RP, so I am always amazed by the perfect creations I find there to complete the setting.

I have recently found two stores which sell not only the most amazing-looking food and drink items, but which also allow you to take an animated copy on touch.

Andika http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Andika/241/132/3001 have some wonderful foods and drinks for allllll occasions! Although they are not specifically made for a medievalish setting, some are so wonderfully rustic that they work, from bowls of drink, and wooden spoons.

Laminak http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Queens%20Lake/127/134/22 do make items specifically for the Medieval market. I love them! There is always a plate of honey cakes in Cel’s RP store and not only do they deliver a cake to those who touch them, but they also move the AV mouth as if eating them. They also have made bowls of warming stews. I have both the barley stew and porridge. They will deliver a wooden bowl of food and wooden spoon to those who click.

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