Fae’s best!

Celandine’s life had changed so much in the time since she arrived in Elyona. She had found that the opportunities that the land had brought had inspired a renewed curiosity and excitement in her at times. She found for the first time in… forever that she wished to see the land and city prosper.

Her small store in the city made her smile, and she hoped that joy would spread to those who visited it. There was always a pot of the hot tea she made herself from herbs and flowers. If there was a time she wasn’t in the shop, her pixie friend Buttercup kept a close eye on everything.

Celandine hadn’t met any like herself in Elyona, but had encountered different winged creatures… and many confined to walking too. She could marvel at their differences and similarities, but one thing that brought a smile to her face was the sure realisation that she was truly glad she was fae!

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