Layers Of Imagination

For many years now Second Life has added pieces of layers to my daily life. There have been times when I have truly needed the mind space it has afforded me. How much of a luxury it is at times to almost unplug from reality and drift away for a little while!

I find there are so many things I can spend time doing there, that there is always something to fit each and every mindset. When things truly trouble my mind, I can often be found in SL modifying a build and decorating it. I can spend many hours lost in this to the accompaniment of music.

Even more fun is to step a little more out of myself and explore the vivid imaginations of fellow creators in SL

When I saw this ‘Bloodlust’ outfit from Toksik I simply had to add it to my SL wardrobe. Who knows when I may stumble across a RP SIM and need the right attire? In any case what an amazing opportunity to seek out the right SIM, pose and additional items to create a wonderful picture! I have to say… this dagger from Mizu is amazing. I picked it up at this year’s Fantasy Faire, and have to say I often walk around SL simply throwing it up and catching it *grins* Then all that was needed was the perfect bento pose from Gingerfish poses to show it all off!

I have shopped at The Looking Glass ( Dream/138/67/22) often over the years and have also used the SIM as the backdrop to pictures. If you haven’t visited… you really must! The bridge alone is breathtaking!

I know it’s tempting to all stand around on our sky platforms in SL, but what better antedote to the exhaustion of daily life than to step boldly into the vivid imagination of others!

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