Esoteric – Cherished Bond

Where whispering grasses converse with lapping waves

I love to visit and soak up the atmosphere on SIMs. As much fun as it is to create a landscape, it’s also often so inspiring to see what others have chosen to do. Esoteric is a club which I am sure many of you will have visited for the amazing events they run, and the great group of people who run them. One thing which you might not know about is just how gorgeous a SIM it is once you venture outside the club building.

Esoteric’s SIM, Cherished Bond truly has the feel of a wonderful, Mediterranean Island. The paths are flanked by bright flowers which add a wonderful splash of warm colour even in the middle of winter. It’s hard not to imagine the heady scent of lavender as you walk with the supposed buzz of insects too. There are so many areas to explore, from the beaches to the sumptuous spa. Even though I have often visited Esoteric, Angelina tells me there are some newly decorated areas, so I can tell I still have much to explore there. I urge you to visit yourself and see just what you can find. It’s also very much a place to take along someone special to take full advantage of some of the *coughs* furniture. That said, even if you are a solitary wanderer like me, you won’t be disappointed!

Angelina Rothmanay who owns Esoteric is one of those rare gems in SL… a spirited and warm-hearted woman who genuinely likes to create a space to be enjoyed by others. I tell you, you really need to visit, join the group… and after you have fully explored the SIM, go along to some of the events and meet some of the warmest and most genuine people you will meet in SL. Where other SIMs and clubs might charge a joining fee, Esoteric is free to join for as long as Angelina’s able to keep it so. Let’s face it though, SIMs are expensive beasts to run, so maybe drop a tip in the donation box while you are there too!

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