Celebrate what makes you… you!

I recently celebrated a BIG birthday… a milestone birthday. I joke about being ancient, but in truth I feel no different… and in fact I am really happy with where I am in life. I feel a sense of calm and am grateful to have made it this far. I think this has felt even more important when seen against the backdrop of the enormous numbers of those who haven’t made it this far through the pandemic.

I feel a sense of inner peace with who I am. I like the strands of sparkling hair which are gradually sprinkling themselves through my darker locks. I smile at the sight of the fine lines on my face which are evidence of fifty years of happy moments.

I think that the pandemic has forced me to look less to the world around me, but more to my immediate surroundings. For over a year now the news bulletins have been too dreadful to absorb, letting fears spring up and multiply. I have had to reduce the draw distance of my focus and look far more to myself and the things I can change or have some degree of control over. I am reluctant to lose this new way of viewing life.

I do not know that I will ever stop learning about myself. Yes, it’s a way of improving aspects of myself but there’s also much pleasure to be taken from realising there are things I really like about myself.  It’s far too easy to only be critical about ourselves… I think society has trained us to be that way. Take it from an ‘old woman’, there’s much peace to be found in boldly claiming the strong and good in each and every one of us, and those are the things well worth celebrating! *grins*

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