A calm place

If you have the patience to keep up with my ramblings here, you will know that I am no different from the rest of you in that life’s been a real challenge for over a year now. From 2020 till now it has been all the more important to make the most of moments of peace. I am very definite that we should revel in opportunities to relax, to find those things which make us smile and wallow in them!

It’s now just over a year since I took over renting a small piece of mainland in SL to turn it into a café and space for people to simply come and chill. It was a challenging piece of land sloping steeply down to a river, which overlooked a mainland waterfall. I loved the mindfulness of plugging my head into some music and working on this plot to create a café and even was able to add a small store to get rid of some of my gacha excesses.

I entered even darker times of struggle heading into December last year, and for a while considered giving up the café land as it was rarely visited. Perhaps I am not the only one who finds there are periods of time where it feels as though I am trying to tread water but only find myself struggling in the thickest of treacle. It seemed impossible to keep myself from drowning, but how wonderful it is when it’s those lowest points which force us to find that strength buried inside which refuses to be squashed.

January is always a time to look forwards and remember that there are yet more days ahead, where each can be more special than the rest. It is a start of something potentially wonderful. That surge in thought gives way to renewed efforts and a determination to find the joy in each and every moment.

On revisiting the café, still troubled with a question of what to do about it, I was amazed to find that many people had visited it. Perhaps there was indeed a need of a place of quiet refuge in a busy world! There is much to be celebrated in the meeting of like-minded souls, to find those with whom we feel so very much intune. I decided to keep the café, but still was plagued by the nagging feeling that it could be so much better.

I can’t tell you at what point inspiration hit, but it did indeed hit me… and like a train. Those who know me well, know how prone I am to picking all my SL ‘stuff’ up, and rearranging it. It’s very much a continuation of my real life self, who isn’t happy until I have found the perfect spot for each piece of furniture… and to find a way for each room in my home to work best. This happened to the café, the store and their contents. I had realised that with buildings I already owned I could create both café and also a very small gallery for my work.

The café is now finished, and houses many chairs and sofas for you to spend time nattering to friends in. If you visit, you will find an assortment of cakes on the counter which will send you pieces. The coffee machine only needs you to click it to activate it, and you can select a coffee to be delivered to complete the sense of truly talking with friends over coffee. It’s such a simple joy that the pandemic has stolen from our real lives, but in SL where no social distancing is required it can still be enjoyed!

I have hung a selection of some of my RL art in the café, which also serves as a reminder to myself to do more so that I can swap things over! There is also a terrace overlooking the river between the café and the as yet unfinished building which will soon house some SL artwork, with a bar on the roof terrace.

It’s a really small piece of land so can’t really house BIG parties, but it is a space which is open for you to visit and enjoy. If you have a writing group and wish to use it, let me know. Just enjoy chattering with people and maybe use it as a venue to inspire you to write, or create… let it influence you and bring calm and smiles!


Deva ♥

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