Bringing Christmas

Yes, the trucks in this picture are carrying the trees and lights needed to decorate homes, but this yeah more than ever, I am feeling a great need to find that feeling of inner warmth that Christmas brings.

I am not speaking of the shiny plastic, shallow, gift-driven materialistic craving for an over-accumulation of ‘stuff’. For me, that feeling of Christmas starts as a slow trickle of smiles each time I see a store put a string of lights in its window, or a traditional wreath appears on a door. This year has been a truly crazy one, and one which has left most of us trying to cling desperately to our smiles… and sanity!

I am not ashamed to say that a few simple, white lights appeared in the bushes and trees in my front garden last week. This year my house will look as bright and cheerful as the contents of my attic will allow! We are still all under lockdown here in York, but it is lovely to see dogwalkers and those who must still go to work walk past and smile at the lights. Last night as it got dark, it was nice to see neighbours had started adding their lights too. If ever there was a year to shine some collective warmth out there, this is it!

I grew up in rural Lincolnshire, a part of England which is for the most part flaaaat. Back in the day when we used to get proper winters, the show would drift and sweep across the landscape, leaving my small village often cut off. Obviously as children and later teens, we would love to spend our time out walking and playing in it all. I would spend hours out walking my dog in it, drinking up the feeling of the world falling almost silent as a covering of soft snow acted as a blanket. How joyful was it to hear and feel the snowflakes falling on my face and collecting on eyelashes!

I am such a fan of spending time in SL exploring snowy SIMs. It takes me back to those days of simple joy. There was a cleansing feeling to walking out in new crisp snow. The air was cold enough to seem to be able to cleanse the body when inhaled. To return from that to a warm fire and allow lava-like cocoa thaw our insides was a pleasure of extreme contrast!

That’s one of the reasons I am happily soaking up all the atmosphere of the truly gorgeous winter SIMs which are appearing in SL at the moment. There’s so much to be said for spending time steeping in the colder toned, gorgeously lit, blanketed landscapes that truly artistic owners are creating! Get out there and explore! 😀 ♥

This picture was taken at Cherishville, but look at my Flickrstream for other ideas of SIMs to visit too!

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