Find space to create.

Try and find time to create. It is always a good idea to allow inner thoughts and emotions to spill out unfiltered.

I need space to create. I always have, and 2020 has really impacted that need.

There are so many ways I have tried to escape into creating this year, from gardening, to my usual drawing, painting, and also writing. Sometimes it’s hard to force time to create into an already busy day, and the anxieties of this year and its events have really clouded my mind at times, making the simple act of creating anything so much more difficult.

I managed to escape a little this summer. I found some peace in the remoteness of parts of the Scottish Highlands and in Northumberland. I was really battling anxiety at the time but found birdsong and the crashing of waves the antidote to all that seemed to be ailing me.

Then I returned home… and I admit that I felt disconnected when I found myself back in SL. It was strange, as it’s always been a place I can find peace. I can clamp headphones on and let music drown out my thoughts as I build, take pictures, and explore places, but this time I felt… ‘off’.

So I did what I always do when something feels not right… I tore down my SL home and garden… and started again. I can’t decide if I never grew out of playing with Lego, or simply didn’t have enough furniture in a doll’s house as a child, but I simply LOVE creating a ‘home’ and garden in SL.

This time, I decided to do something a little.. larger… something far grander than usual. I decided upon a castle. I guess there was something still lingering from my time away. So I grabbed the Highland Keep from Compulsion. It seemed a decadent base for just Dane and I, but… as any who know us already know, we have a long past of RPing in SL, and it seemed a nice way to throw that side of out SL in with the home base I always crave.

Having a castle as a home has allowed me to combine some of the medieval and fantasy decor items into the interior. I am still working on it all, but it has not only let me find my feet in SL again, it has also inspired me to take pictures. One of the first I have to share is this… one aspect of the workshop/artroom/ office. I often park my AV while I am writing, or picture editing… and this is a place to encourage that… plus…. if I could afford it, I would have a massive and well-stocked art studio in RL.

This isn’t a picture set up especially.. this is my SL home. There are many items in it from Foxwood and ..::THOR::.., Vespertine and 8f8.

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