A new home in Ashmore

This is a piece of background writing for a new roleplay character of mine. Ro… Rowena.

Ro sat in her cabin and allowed the night sounds from nature outside to provide the only music to the evening that she needed. It had been a long, but refreshing day.

As her thoughts flowed, she was surprised to recall that it had only been two weeks since she first arrived in Ashmore, having located a small cabin that she had rented over the internet. Only… two… weeks, and she was already feeling so much more herself.

She didn’t miss the city life, or how the constant noise and pace of life had seemed to leach the joy from her days. Each footstep on cold concrete had begun to shudder right through the core of who she was, until one day she had discovered that she had lost the will to create the works of art that she was paid to.

She felt both constricted, and watered down by the situation she was in, and the more she considered things, the more she realised that her city existence was diminishing who she was, causing her to shrink away from friends and all human contact even.

The time had come to move on and make a new start. Realising this didn’t even bring any upset, in fact deep within her a spark of excitement stirred.

A spread map, and crystal pendulum had focused her power and felt the draw of somewhere new. Further investigation via the internet had shown Ashmore Lake to be surrounded by trees, nestled at the bottom of mountains, with a small town. A search let her locate a small cabin to rent not far from the lake itself, and it took her no time at all to pack up all her belongings and sever her ties to the city.

Two weeks on, and she was feeling the spark to try and paint again. She couldn’t help but wander the woods and marvel at how varied and plentiful the fauna was there. She gathered wild garlic to make her own pesto, and had found herbs and roots to gather and dry.

She felt… better. The peace and quiet had allowed her to centre her spirits and combined with the lack of deadlines, she had found her talents grow stronger, to where they once had been. She remained unsure as to whether it was Ashmore itself, or whether she had in fact been able to heal herself, but she realised she truly felt… ‘home’

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