I honestly couldn’t think of what to call this picture, or writing… so settled upon ‘Overlook’ as that is the title of the place it was taken. More of that to follow…

I don’t get to spend as much time in SL as I used to, but I do find that I neeeeed it. I need those spaces where I can simply stop with the concerns of RL, and plug myself and my mind into a place of calm inspiration.

I have always marvelled at the creations of landscapes and decor which nourish our souls and creative spirits. Broderick and Ena Logan are a wonderful team in so many areas, but particularly excel in the places they build.

I have long since been privileged to get to visit their homes and delight in them. Broderick has a real talent for creating realistic landscapes… and Ena very much creates decorated spaces which look as if they have been taken from magazines.

I watch them both (not in a stalkerish way…although maybe a little?Bwahahaha), and smile at how much they achieve, each pushing and supporting the other. For a while now they have created spaces to share with others… and started a venue for music and get-togethers called ‘Overlook’. They took some time off in SL, and the original Overlook venue closed, but when time permits, it reappears.

The latest Overlook incarnation is now open to the public, and has a wonderfully rustic, and peaceful theme. “Overlook Orchard”


There is so much to see there! I have called over a couple of times, but still haven’t managed to fully explore it all.

I do know there’s a grand opening party today…. details of which can be found at:

Go! Visit! Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy! ♥

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