Hold Tight To Your Calmness!

I am one of those intensely annoying optimists. Even when everything seems to be going to shit, I desperately try and find some hint of silver lining.

Life and the world has become truly crazy in varying shades for all of us, wherever we are… and yet… it seems to be bringing out the best in some.

No, I am not speaking of those who for some indiscernible reason hoard toilet paper…. but of the positive ways I see things changing.

We have been on lockdown here in the UK for well over a week now. It’s an odd thing really… there’s that strange mental fog of not knowing which day of the week it is… a little like the time between Christmas and New Year, but without the lights and decorations. That said, I did see a suggestion on Twitter the other day, that we all ought to put up our Christmas lights again as a way of shining joy out to others in their homes too. I am not sure I am ready to try and drag Christmas decorations out of the attic right now though.

I live in the suburbs of the city. Each house has a small garden, and the pavements outside often have people walking past. When I first moved here, I didn’t like the constant movement of people moving outside the house. Eventually that flicker of movement had almost faded to wallpaper though, and would only catch my attention to observe the passers-by. Some would keep their eyes in front of them, probably occupied with thoughts of the working day ahead if in the morning, or of the beckoning joy of slipping into slippers when they got home.

Now however, it’s a nice, and rare thing to see someone walking past. We are allowed to go for a walk, or run each day to keep up exercise, as long as only with the people we live with, or alone… and always distance must be maintained from others. Now more than ever smiles are exchanged, people nod and wave when eye contact is made. I actually think that if people can keep to the rules, being outside for a little time is an important thing. I think fresh air, and glimpses of sun boost the system. This time of year here things are starting to grow. The first springtime flowers are in bloom as we speak, and I also believe these signs of newness are also a real boost to spirits.

Now more than ever, it’s necessary to soak up the positive and try and maintain health of the body and spirit to give ourselves the best chance for whenever we come into contact with this invisible menace. Stay at home… keep away from people… and help slow the curve of people catching it! We are all in this together… just at six feet away from each other 😉 ♥

Taken on the gorgeous, and calming http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Getaway/126/91/24

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