I do love this time of year. It cheers my heart to see the signs of spring just starting to appear. I have always loved spring… well to be honest there’s something I like in each season, but the ‘newness’ of spring, and the promise of warmer days ahead (even if they are a long way off yet ), gladden my spirits.

There is nothing to stop me ‘greening’ up my garden in SL though. Here in this pixelated world, I can mix summer trees, blossom and summer wildflowers, all at the same time. This is a place where I can indulge my joy of all things green and fresh.

For this picture, I carried that theme to the clothing even. These boots are the new ones from Gos, out now at Uber. I paired them with the Evie underboot jeans from Blueberry, because who doesn’t love jeans tucked in boots? The cardigan with cheeky hint of bra is from Tres Blah.

The Gazebo is a rare Gacha item from Artisan Fantasy. The Ladder (with decor), the basket of flowers and the drapes are all from Nutmeg.

All are shown off perfectly with a pose from Luane’s World.

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