Travel On!

Enjoy your adventure!

I freely admit that one thing which annoys me on ‘competition-based’ shows on television, is when contestants are described as having been on a journey through the weeks of it all. It irks me, because life is a journey for us all, regardless of whether lived in the public gaze for a portion of it, or not.

I believe that life is best viewed as an adventure. Surely it’s not a bad thing to see it that way; to wake each morning with even the slightest tingle of what might actually happen.

Each and every thing which shapes us is carried with us, whether it was perceived as good or bad at the time it happened. There is no point in me wishing something hadn’t happened, or had been avoided, because if that were the case I would not be the person that I am now in this very moment.

It may not be visible to all who look at us, but we are very much the product of each and every thing which has happened to us. We are the result of each person we have met in life. We carry the impact of each smile and stomach-twisting belly laugh which has been shared with another.

We travel through life, each with an enormous weight of individual experiences, which have given us all our own perspective and path.

To that end, I issued a challenge to artists to come up with an image to meet the title “The Journey”. I also carefully picked some amazing images from Flickr and invited their artists to contribute them too, and the results can be seen when the exhibition opens at the Galerie des Beaux-Arts on the 1st March.

More details to follow… oh and don’t try and sneak into the exhibition early… the images are still being organised. grins

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