She carefully chose exactly what she wanted to wear for him. She always did!

The sparkle-encrusted pasties covered her nipples, and nothing but them. She couldn’t help but smile as she admired her form in the mirror, and how her high-waisted pants hugged her hips. Turning slightly, she sneaked a glance over her shoulder at herself in the mirror and grinned.

Now all she needed was the perfect pair of shoes. She slipped her feet into the high black heels and took another long look at her reflection over her shoulder. Pleasantly surprised at how the shoes elongated her legs, she slid onto the bench, leather sliding against her skin as she positioned herself to await her lover’s return.

Her gaze travelled back down her legs to the shoes, admiring the covering of shiny metal spikes on them. They added an air of… strength and potential danger to them… something a little out of the ordinary!

The sound of a key in the door pulled her from her thoughts. Grinning she looked over her shoulder as the light from the open door worked its way along her legs.

This picture was inspired by the new ‘ Blake’ shoes from Gos Boutique which are out at Fameshed now.

Blake Spiked Pumps

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