I have been in a mood of deep reflection for a little while now. I think part of the reason is that I am trying to make sure not one small blessing passes me by unnoticed. I don’t think this is a bad thing to add to my refocusing this year.

In many ways I have used my time in SL over the years to pause and think. Mostly I manage to log into Second Life at the end of my day, and it’s then that I have the free time to sit and look back over that day. On reflection I find that often small things have happened which have been glimmers of light, but have been sadly eclipsed by the busy life that is dashing on at the same time.

It is well worth remembering these moments, and almost storing them up as treasures to shine out in moments of dark.

I took this picture in my SL home. I didn’t decorate the scene especially for it, and in fact on closer inspection I see there are still spaces on the mantelpiece where I took down Christmas decorations, but haven’t put out other items yet.

I wanted to create an image of warm reflection… of that time of day when the world seems sleeping and there is mental space to reflect and smile, much as to be warmed by the fire.

I very much had that happy, warm feeling when I took this picture, but it’s now that I look back at it, more closely, that the mush has hit. There are items in this picture, in my home, which are gifts from, and reflect those people central to my SL, and who have become immensely important to me and my life over the years.

There are several items in this picture which were gifts from my nephew, Broderick, and the lovely Ena. They know me so well, and seem to instinctively know what will go perfectly with any decor I am using. Of course I return the favour and ensure their inventories are crammed full of random gacha items, and things I am sure they will enjoy using in pictures… oh… and also the odd hilarious thing I find when I am out shopping in SL and something simply screams them at me! grins

The leo figure with the aries one, is a nod to the lovely Dane who has been back in my life for four months now. There’s so much I could say about him, but luckily for you, I will limit myself 😉 He’s the only person who could ever tempt me to give RP another go. In fact it surprised even me that I could be tempted back. Ha! He’s something of a muse to me, always was waaay back when, but then we drifted apart. It’s as if he’s a catalyst to something… a spark in me. Taking pictures has become even more joyful, even if he’s not in the picture. Oh… and you can blame that inspiring glimmer from him for alllll the writing that I feel moved to do at the moment.

There is so much to be said for being grateful, and living as much as possible in the warm glow of good things.

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