Breakfast, beauty and bloggers

I am one of those people completely susceptible to good blogging! chuckles

My major downfall are good blogging pictures about decor and interiors. I seem powerless to resist the ideas they sell! 😉 I can’t decide if I just never grew out of the idea of decorating a doll’s house, or if I am really just a thwarted Interior designer, but over the years SL has truly indulged me in allowing me to create, and decorate homes and gardens to suit my moods, and seasons.

I am going to draw attention to two particular bloggers who have persuaded me to get out and buy the items they have showcased on many, many occasions.

Firstly… Kess Crystal: .

I dread to think how many Lindens I have spent over the years, prompted by the truly wonderful scenes she creates in her pictures. So many of them are ones I would gladly step into and inhabit! If you are looking for gorgeous representations of what you can do to decorate your SL home, or land… you would do well to follow her.

Then there’s the lovely Rwah… or Cranky Git. Both her name, and the choice of name for her blog shine out to crazies like me: .

A while back she blogged about the textures on Nutmeg items… and a little like some kind of brainwashing… she’s managed to convert me, blog-by-blog, and conversation-by-conversation into filling my SL home with Nutmeg… stuff.

So I dedicate this ramble to these two lovely ladies, and the influence they have had over me… and my Linden dollar balance, not to mention the utter joy I have had from using their ideas and inspiration!


Well… this is the kitchen in my SL home. It’s the Hive Modern Farmhouse kitchen. At the far right of the picture are two items from Apple Fall… a collection of vintage rolling pins and some jelly moulds.

All the other items in the picture are from Nutmeg.

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