I first became aware of Ena’s light. Her pictures on Flickr, and her words on Facebook were a testament to her talent and heart. I thought she might be a kindred soul…. and I was right.

She is a real and true friend to me. We don’t speak each day, because we don’t need to. That said, I KNOW that if we lived in the same area we would often meet up for coffee and a natter! There’s never a lull, or silence to our friendship. We simply catch up as much as we can…and revel in those conversations, and ohhhh how we giggle! She also has a real talent for eliciting those proper belly laughs from me.

She is someone who has heard me vent, and has been there through some really tough times for me, and always… ALWAYS cheers me up with the wonderful way she sees the world. I am truly blessed to have her as a dear friend.

The natural beauty of even the reddest rose simply can’t compete with the shining heart of a good and true friend ♥

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