Sometimes a SIM has such atmosphere to it, it lets words spring forth! This was taken and written on Cherishville: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Villa%20Baldeney/183/182/26


She sat and let the hammering of the rain silence the shouting of her confused thoughts. The autumn winds carried the drops under the shelter, but she didn’t notice how the damp cold seeped into her clothing.

This was the last place she remembered feeling peace between them. Had she known it would be their last coffee, she might never have wanted to leave. He had seemed silent, but looking back, she couldn’t help wonder whether it was unease which caused it, rather than a sense of comfort between them.

Raindrops seeped through the joins in the shelter roof and chinked almost musically into her coffee, bouncing into the spoon on the saucer, causing it to rattle in harmony. For once she didn’t notice. Her coffee remained un-touched… something rare for her. It was as if both weather and scene felt her silent anguish and simply poured both sound and energy to fill the gaps of her missing words.

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