Summer seems to be drawing to a close. In fact… here in the UK, there seems to be a trend for us to have glorious summer days in July, but August seems at times to feel more like Autumn.

It does make those brief glimpses of sunshine even more important though. There are still jobs to do in my garden: dead-heading plants to encourage them to bloom another time before the weather turns; tidying here and there, and they are always much nicer to do when basking in sunshine.

The garden is very busy. I have been fighting what seems like a endless battle with snails and slugs who seem determined to beat me to consuming the vegetables I am growing. I refuse to use poison on them, but had set beer traps… which were working well, until the dog decided he preferred emptying the beer… sighs..

The air is full of the honey-scent of the buddleia bushes I am growing. Most of my plants in my garden were chosen for the fact that pollinators love them. The air is busy with bees of various kinds, and other assorted insects. I didn’t even mind that one of my clumps of nasturtiums was chomped to pieces by caterpillars… I was pleased that the butterflies had been so happy there. I still had plenty of leaves to add to my salads.

For me this time of year is about surrendering to the passing of time. There’s nothing I can do to keep the days from slowly shortening. All I can do is make the most of each moment of sunshine… to store that feeling of warmth in my bones. To collect each happy memory of summer, and store it away to reflect on when the weather turns to winter, and the sun is too weak to pierce the frozen clouds which blanket with their stillness.



This outfit is ‘Nala’ from Lybra, and is available now at Fameshed. Further details can be found at
As always, it features the gorgeous lace textures which LYBRA do so well, but for me, I love the strapped legs to the trousers, with buckle details.

I followed Grace’s suggestion and paired it with the Barbara sandals from Gos:

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