Vintage girl.


I have always enjoyed the glow of nostalgia which can be found from old objects. From an early age I would marvel at things my grandparents held safe in a simple glass-fronted cabinet. None were worth much in terms of money, but were steeped in sentimental value for them.

When my grandfather died, I was able to take some things to remember him by. I am possibly odd, because I chose gardening and woodwork tools. They were the things he spent most time using, and had taught me not only to use them, but how he used to care for them afterwards. I have to admit to not being as good at cleaning and oiling all of them after use, but I still use them. I have recently been doing a lot of work in my garden, and it’s always his spade, fork and rake that I use. They have lasted perfectly and still remain sharp. It’s hard to work using them, and not feel that he’s somehow watching over my endeavours.

It’s very much caused me to be sentimental in my musings and when I saw this dress from Lybra, I started at first wearing it in black… totally sexy! It’s that combination of a silky-satin fabric with generous lace addition, but with an asymmetric hemline for added cheekiness. I then checked the other colours, and when I tried this peach colour it changed in feeling to something of vintage glamour… an added aspect of lovliness!

Dress: LYBRA ( ) ; Courtney, available at Uber ( )

Hair: TRAM ( )

Taken at: Mesmeric Cove: ( )

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