There’s no excuse for stagnating in SL. I know, it’s a state too easily slipped into, but there’s no reason to stay there.

Some of you know that I like to help artists show their work in SL. It’s no secret that the creativity found there, and inspired by that world, is something which has long-since kept me there. Recently though, I had to close my Frisson gallery, which was on the one hand a real wrench, but on the other lifted a pressure.

My life has been something of a line of challenges this year. Some have been really tough, but on the whole each one has brought something to be learned, and I am pleased to say I have managed to step up to meet each one.

It impacts SL for me though. It’s not left me as much time, and I have needed SL to go back to being a place of personal calm.

For a little while there I felt… odd? It’s tooooo easy for me to slip into being a hermit, but truth is, I enjoy nattering to people. It occurred to me that most of the time I keep in touch with those I am close to via the IM window, rather than face-to-face. It got me thinking back to how my SL used to be waaaaaay way back in the mists of time.

I think I had been in SL about a month, when I found a place, called GQ Start, which helped newcomers to SL settle in. There was a store of free stuff, and you could learn to build and script there, and learn to navigate your way. I remember there were even lessons on how to emote. Bwahaha.

Within 3 months of being in SL, I was helping out there. The thing which people enjoyed most about GQ, was that there was a campfire in the middle of it with seats. All the teachers, and helpers lived all over the world, so at any time there was usually someone to be found there ‘chilling’.

It was a good way of meeting a varied bunch of people, from all over the world, and I really loved the natter. GQ is still there, but empty now. People stopped wanting to teach, and I think one of the owners has left now, but now and then I still hear from people who found us there, and who miss that chatter.

It was the nostalgia of these past but not-forgotten times which triggered the idea for my new, and small project. I managed to find a small, but very interesting piece of mainland which was up for rent. It’s a lovely challenge as it’s part hillside leading up to the SL railway. It was a good, and interesting challenge to see how to use the land, but I have ended up with a flat area alongside the tracks, which protrudes with amazing views (if you set your draw distance high enough) out across mainland.

I have set up a coffee shop at the top, where you can watch for trains, and there are two lower terraces which have let me place some of my RL artwork alongside the beautiful SL images which made up the “Celebrate Together” exhibition at Frisson, just before it closed.

So there is a wide selection of cakes in the shop, (all of the calorie free!) as well as drinks dispensers. Outside are tables set for you to meet up with friends at. I have also added some games on the tables, to provide amusement, and conversation starters. Please visit, enjoy… and use it as a place to spend time with friends.



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