This winter has seemed to me the freezing of all things, of contact. For many reasons I felt cut off from many, just as small villages become isolated in the depths of weather extremes.

As I said, there were many reasons, each one seeming insurmountable on its own, so when collected together all I could do was look inside myself and withdraw to try and survive.

It has often been said that no man, or woman is an island, and this is so very true. We do not exist alone, and where it may seem easier to become a hermit… to reduce the contact of others and their impact on our lives, it is not the best way to be. For me to remain set apart from others is completely the wrong thing for my spirit, and for my emotional energy.

Spring will arrive.

A complete nature fan like me revels in each small sign of its potential coming. The tiniest glimpse of the smallest green shoot cannot fail to make me smile, a signal that there is yet hope. This year in the UK spring rushed in a little earlier than usual. Birds were sure it was the time to find a mate and set up home, regardless of the risk of being caught in potential flurries of snow in the coming days.

I am by nature a worrier. I have spent a life of trying to visualise potential outcomes and plan accordingly for them. I store the harsh lessons of my past alongside each and every untruth other people have told me about their false perspectives of me.

Unlike the optimistic birds, ecstatic at an early spring here in the UK, I cast my eyes down, worried about what damage we were doing to the world and the impact on the climate.

In time Spring does arrive.

This year my personal spring arrived with warm conversation and words telling me I was seen for who I really am and admired for it. Those closest to me reached out to share smiles and laughter. Like a guiding hand love navigated me through the snowdrifts of my self-imposed winter.

Bit by bit I was able to see the small sprouts of green hope and was able to feel the warmth of the wakening sun. Soon more signs of promise and colour crept in and added to my lightness of heart. It was time to throw that debilitating caution to the icy winds behind and step smiling into the flower-scented breeze of optimistic springtime.



Pose: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brookhurst%20Cove/169/198/25 Gingerfish ; Bloom… with basket of flowers, and flowers included.

Head: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eventide%20Far%20East/177/116/33 LOGO ; Ariel.

Hair: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magika/127/128/22 Magika ; Keira

Dress: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lula/132/188/25 Tres Blah ; Aviva

Headpiece: *LODE* ; Tulips & Cherries Wreath [purple mist]


8f8 Black Kite (136,102,21)
16_8f8 – New Beginnings – Bunny & Chickens LI: 4

Artisan Fantasy Artisan Fantasy (212,130,2002)
*AF* Paperwhites Tall Pot Lg LI: 2
*AF* Paperwhites Round Pot Lg LI: 3

Granola Daydreams (89,154,30)
Granola. Willow Teapot Planter. Mustard. LI: 3

hive Honeycomb (71,213,31)
hive // heart you sign LI: 1

Jian Jian (244,238,23)
JIAN Dove :: Placer (rez me!) LI: 4

Merak Bijouter Isle (224,145,30)
[Merak] – Bloom of Spring – rezz LI: 6

[.:TLC:.] Dreamy Land (196,128,25)
REZ ME_TLC Feathered Squatters – Blackbird Set LI: 8
TLC Chicken Gacha 13 Common LI: 2

Pack Pack
PACK / Spring Tulips – COLOR – Group of 3 LI: 1
PACK / Spring Tulips – COLOR – Group of 7 LI: 1
PACK / Spring Tulips – COLOR – Single LI: 1

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